About Us

Frederick J. Hanna & Associates, P.C. was founded in 1981 by Fred Hanna after a decade in the banking industry and with a singular mission: provide banks and creditors with a law firm exclusively dedicated to creditors’ rights and recoveries.

The firm’s ensuing growth and enduring success over the last thirty years is simply the fulfillment of our founder’s vision to create lasting client relationships and provide best-in-class, award-winning representation.

Who We Are

Our firm has actively recruited the best and brightest associates and executives from around the country; and we have cultivated a staff second-to-none in the industry. This focus underscores our core belief that employees are our greatest assets.

In a profession where compliance and fair consumer treatment mean everything, our staff and leadership have helped shape the new paradigm for creditors’ rights representation. Our Team has been at the forefront of creating a culture where fairness and courtesy are not perceived as mutually exclusive from zealous representation of creditor clientele.

Hanna Core Values

  • Integrity: Practice Professionalism & Ethical Responsibility in All that We Do
  • Respect: We Must Always Treat Consumers, Clients, Co-Workers, and the Law with Respect and Dignity
  • Consistency: Attention to Detail and Consistent Application of Process Is Integral to Our Success
  • Leadership: Each of Us Can Lead by Providing Examples to Others of Professionalism and Courtesy
  • Results: We Must Always Expect Excellence and Perform Our Responsibilities at a High Level
  • Continuous Improvement: We Learn from Our Successes and Our Failures to constantly Evolve and Improve Our Profession